HexaScape: Cyber Defense

HexaScape: Cyber Defense is an addictive mix of hex grid puzzlers and tower defense mechanics, creating a compelling turn-based strategy game. If you are a strategy player or board game addict, this game is for you!

Board game-like mechanics

If you know the board game classic Carcassonne, you’ll instantly feel at home in HexaScape. You determine the course of the game by placing hex tiles: explore cyberspace, expand the influence of your cyber core, and build your defense line with towers that can be strengthened and upgraded in different ways.

As you increase the core’s reach, virus spawners will appear. They spawn viruses and grow stronger with each wave – unless you manage to disable them by completing quests. The more you expand into cyberspace, the more abilities the viruses can take on, testing your ability to adapt!

Build unique towers

Cyber towers are your only defence against viruses. Place them wisely, buff them with power fields, upgrade them with new abilities by completing quests, and use skill points to customize them to your needs!

Explore cyberspace

By placing the hex tiles, you explore cyberspace, encountering six different biomes, many different events, and virus bosses hidden on the generator tiles. There’s a campaign with predefined scenarios, an endless mode with procedurally generated maps, weekly challenges, and user-generated maps for nearly endless fun!

Tell your own stories in cyberspace

Create custom maps for new challenges with the powerful editor! Determine where biomes, event fields, and boss fields are located, and add your own story. Play your maps yourself or share them with the community – your maps may even be featured in the game.


Is there a demo of HexaScape?

There is an extensive demo available on Steam that includes a number of pre-built scenarios, custom maps, and an editor with basic features.

When will the game be released?

The core features of the game are almost done, but we want your feedback on where we should go from here. That is why we will be entering Early Access on Steam at the end of May.

What platforms & consoles will HexaScape be available on?

For the Early Access period, HexaScape will only be available on Steam. The full release is planned for early 2025 for Steam & Epic (Windows, Mac, Linux), PlayStation and Xbox.

Will I see ViKing 2000 again?

Of course you will! Our little cyber-drone ViKing 2000 (known from our Deckbuilder TD CyberTD) will guide you through cyberspace again.

I have a feature request or a bug report. How do I get in touch with you?

The best way to contact us is through our Discord server and the Steam forums.

Is cyberspace real?

That’s a good question. Do you take the blue pill or the red pill?