Presskit HexaScape: Cyber Defense (ENG)


Turn-based strategy (Tower Defense meets Puzzler)

Clockwork Origins (Erlangen, Bavaria, Germany)

Early Access release date:
End of May 2024

Release of full version: 2025

Platforms for full version:
Windows, Linux, MacOS, Xbox, PlayStation


Estimated price:

Game Description

HexaScape: Cyber Defense is an addictive mix of hex grid puzzlers with tower defense mechanics, creating a compelling turn-based strategy game suitable for both strategy players and board game addicts.

Board game-like mechanics

If you know the board game classic Carcassonne, you’ll instantly feel at home in HexaScape. Players determine the course of the game by placing hexagon tiles: they explore cyberspace, expand the influence of the cyber core, and build a defense line with towers that can be strengthened and upgraded by power clusters.

As you increase the core’s reach, virus spawners will appear. They spawn viruses and grow stronger with each wave – unless you manage to disable them. Each run feels different: The more you expand into cyberspace, the more abilities the viruses can take on, testing your ability to constantly adapt to new game conditions! On your path to greater influence, you will encounter six different biomes, many different events, and powerful virus bosses.

Tell your own stories in cyberspace

Create custom maps for new challenges with the powerful editor! Determine where biomes, event fields, and boss fields are located, and add your own story. Play your maps yourself or share them with the community – your maps may even be featured in the game.

Early Access is only the beginning

Clockwork Origins plans to launch Early Access for HexaScape: Cyber Defense at the end of May. For Early Access, they will provide a solid framework that will be further developed in close collaboration with their community. Over the next 9 to 12 months, the team will continue to expand the game with new content and features – ensuring endless sandbox fun!


CEO Daniel Bonrath on the fascination of the game: „We put a lot of energy into developing a simple but fascinating game idea that can be expanded in all directions. On the one hand, HexaScape: Cyber Defense has the basic framework of a puzzle game like Tetris, yet it can become as complex as a classic grand strategy game.“

Game Designer Sebastian Frenzel about the history of HexaScape: „When I was younger, I played the board game Carcassonne to excess. The combination of building a coherent map while trying to defend your influence against others was the main inspiration for the idea behind HexaScape. Obviously, the first prototype of the game was on paper.“


  • Mix of puzzle and tower defense, combining the most popular elements of both genres: exploration and world-building on the one hand, and strategic planning on the other
  • Innovative spawning mechanism that gives players maximum strategic control
  • Stylized sci-fi setting in cyberspace
  • 15 pre-built scenarios in three challenge levels (Tutorial, Advanced, Challenges)
  • Procedurally generated endless mode
  • Community-generated content with a well-integrated, easy-to-use map editor
  • 15 to 20 hours of estimated play time

Gameplay trailer

About Clockwork Origins

The beginnings of Clockwork Origins GmbH date back to 2005, when Daniel Bonrath founded a modification team for the role-playing game Gothic II. We used our time as a modification team to experiment with completely different game mechanics as well as graphical and musical approaches, from comic style to medieval fantasy.

We have kept this experimentation alive when we officially founded Clockwork Origins in April 2018. With each project, we aim to learn new aspects of game development, gain knowledge, and refine our production processes.

With four video games developed in-house, our expertise includes all phases of project management, programming, game design, graphics, music, sound and voice acting, as well as marketing and distribution of video games. We already have experience in classic tower defense games (Elemental War series), innovative tower defense genre mixes (CyberTD), and procedurally generated content (Tri6: Infinite).

Learn more about Clockwork Origins on the studio’s homepage.